Feldherr Value set for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth

Referens: AF38Set

  • The set fits exactly into the original board game box of the 'Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth' core game by Fantasy Flight Games.
  • Provides space for all 31 figures and the complete game material of the core box.
  • Has 4 additional compartments for miniatures from upcoming expansions.

The set includes:

  • 1 foam tray for figures and tokens
  • 1 foam tray for cards, tiles, tokens, and figures
  • 1 foam topper

You can place all the figures in the upper insert. Bilbo, Aragorn, Gimli and the other three heroes are assigned their own custom-fit compartments, just like the 25 figures of your enemies. Thus the detailed miniatures always stay in place even when transporting the box.

The soft foam ensures that fine parts, such as the bows of the Orcs or Beravor's staff, are protected from damage. If you paint your figures, you can also be sure that the colors will not be scratched or abraded.

All 31 miniatures can be clearly stored here and five compartments remain. You can sort the small tokens, such as Inspiration and Person Tokens, into these compartments.

Insert number two takes care of the rest of the tokens, the Journey Map Tiles and the variety of cards. Four compartments offer enough space to neatly store all the small cards, such as the Boon and Terrain cards. These compartments are provided with finger-wide recesses, which make it easier for you to remove the stacks. All cards also fit with sleeve.

The large compartment is used to store the Journey Map Tiles, larger tokens as well as the Hero Cards.

There are still 4 compartments left that you can either use for tokens and plastic stands. But you also have the option to store figures from upcoming expansions here.

A suitable foam topper completes the all-round care for your box. On the topper you can place the Battle Map Tiles and the two booklets.

Now, all miniatures are safely packed, the accessories are neatly stowed away and you are well prepared for your next adventures in Middle-earth.

250 kr
2 i butiken

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