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"Wyrd Science is a new, quarterly magazine celebrating roleplaying games, war-games and board games that sets out to give space wizards, gelatinous cubes and tentacled gods the respect they deserve. 

We love games, we love playing them, designing them and talking about them. We love the inherent ridiculousness of so many of the games we play and how, whether watching a live stream or playing at home, they're the perfect distraction when the world feels like it's falling apart.

But we also value how fantasy and science fiction's never been just about escapism and can be a powerful tool to engage with different perspectives. That's never been more true than today when we have access to games from myriad different countries and cultures around the world.

So this winter, with your help, we're launching Wyrd Science with an 80 page Session Zero special featuring some of the most interesting people working in tabletop gaming today.  

Whether you’re a grey haired grognard with a shelf full of pristine BECMI boxes or just discovered Critical Role this year, a D&D devotee, Warhammer obsessive or you're all about the latest indie games, we've packed the mag full of enough exciting stuff that we're sure Wyrd Science is for you."

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