C3i Magazine 36

Referens: C3I-36
In Nr 36, we’re thrilled to have many of the hobby’s top designers join us once again to look at past and future projects as well as meditations on the nature of gaming. A new installment of Mark Herman’s Clio’s Corner, a deep dive into the background of the next chapter of Jason Matthew’s Twilight Struggle: Red Sea, an exclusive interview with the one and only Randall C. Reed’s journeys through Avalon Hill and beyond, Harold Buchanan’s ruminations on the Rules as Written, and many more articles have been stuffed between the covers.

Sand and steel clash across North Africa in C3i Nr 36, with Charles S. Roberts Award winning designer Trevor Bender’s new game, “Desert Victory, 1940-42.” Volume II in our Combined Arms Series, this standalone game will thrill those who loved Trevor’s elegant “Battle for Kursk ‘43” in C3i Nr 34.

Additionally, a new standalone module for SPQR will be coming with this next issue, “Skirmishers, Velites and Light Troops Revisited.” Dan Fournie, a Charles S. Roberts Award winning author, wrote an article in C3i Nr 15 that serves as the foundation for this new module. Fabio Bernardini’s hard work has already garnered a lot of buzz online and we’re excited to finally get it into your hands! This will include new Velite counters, a beautiful full color rulebook alongside an updated SPQR Player Aid Card.
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